5 Tips for Working from Home

Here we go again, we're back in a semi-lockdown until September 13th.  So I thought today I'd bring you some of my tips for working from home ... again!!!

1. Set up your office space

Might sound like an obvious but I'm suggesting having your office space set up in an area firstly with a door so you can close out distractions when you're working and close it behind you when you're not.  This way when you're not working you're not looking at your office space thinking 'maybe I'll just do one more thing'.

2. Take breaks

When you are working in your usual office you take breaks, right?  Because let's face it no one can sit in the same position for 8 hours straight.  This is just as important as at home, and no getting up to answer the door does not constitute a break.  I mean step away from work, put the kettle on, put some music on, walk around the garden a few times, whatever you need to do to switch off for a little while.  Make sure at a minimum you still take your hour for lunch - if you live in town why not venture to your local cafe or pub that serves food and not only take a break but also support local businesses who are struggling at this time.

3. Log out of Social Media

Unless your job requires you to be on Social Media during the day log out of it.  It drains your time and distracts you from getting work done.  Maybe turn on some music instead, remember you're in your own home it's OK to belt out a few lines with Meatloaf - no one is going to think any less of you.

4. Give yourself a break

No I'm not repeating myself.  What I mean here is - we are in ever changing times and we need to give ourselves a break.  I don't know your exact situation but on March 13th I suddenly became a teacher on top of everything else and my perfect little plan of what I could get done while the kids were at school went completely out the window.  It took some getting used to and realisation quickly set in that I wasn't going to be able to do everything, I definitely wasn't destined to be a teacher.  Sometimes when we are thrust into these situations we expect perfection from ourselves and it's just unrealistic.  So we need to give ourselves a break.  Kids will wander in and ask something when we are just getting our head around that task we've been putting off.  The phone will ring with someone just wanting to chat at the other end.  And that's all ok, because tomorrow is another day.

5. Set up for the next day

How many times have you been in bed at night thinking I need to remember to do this, that and the other tomorrow?  Or is that just me?  Last task before you close the office door behind you should be to write down your To Do list for the next day.  Do a little mind dump of what you have to do, what you want to achieve, who you have to call / email so that you won't be trying to remember everything.  It's also a good idea to keep a piece of paper or notepad and pen by your bed, that way when you get that lightbulb moment just as your eyes are closing you can note it down and go to sleep.

What have you found most helpful while you've been working at home?  What challenges do you have?  If I can help in any way make sure to get in touch.

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