5 Apps for Better Business

I wondered about the title today, thinking 'am I being really presumptuous saying this' but I don't think I am because I use most of these apps and find that they do indeed make my business life a whole lot better.  Let me tell you what they are and why I like them:

1.  Adobe Scan

This is one of absolute favourites.  With it you can scan any piece of paper and save it directly into OneDrive, GoogleDrive, or just on your phone.  You can send it immediately to whoever needs it by email, text or WhatsApp.  I like many things about it such as the quality of the scan, even faded print on receipts comes out clear and those big long till receipts you get from some shops - it can snap it in one scan and still keep it clear!  Did I mention it's completely free too 🙂

2.  Microsoft To Do

I mentioned in last weeks blog about keeping a notepad by the bed at night time for all those late night ideas and to dos you remember.  Well I also keep To Do on my phone and PC.  They are linked so whatever I put in one place is synced in the other, it has reminders and you can set tasks to repeat periodically - such as Monthly Invoices.  It's super simple to use and keeps all your tasks in one place.

3.  Evernote

I used this app before when I was working for a Multinational CEO and it worked a treat.  He would scan all his receipts, etc into it, save them into the relevant folders and then I could log in and pick them up.  It's like having a digital filing cabinet and you can even lock some of the drawers if they're private stuff too.

4.  OneNote

Ok this one I don't use but it was recommended by someone who does.  This app works as a note taker, collaborator and recorder.  So if you're working on a project with other people this is a great app for gathering great minds together and you can all your bits into it.

5.  OfficeLens

Another recommendation from a friend.  This app allows you to scan whiteboards and documents making them readable and savable to storage such as OneDrive, OneNote or Evernote.  You can also save the files as PDF, Images, Word or PowerPoint (this is where Adobe Scan falls down - you can only save as PDF).

Sometimes people aren't keen on Apps or maybe feel like they aren't technologically minded - that's where you phone a friend 🙂  My number is 087 415 1435 and when you or your business needs help please do call.

What other Apps would you recommend?

P.S. no payment was received for recommending any of these Apps.

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